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Finally, someone said it!

That’s what I’m hearing from concerned citizens and faithful Christians who spot liberal ideas sprouting from within the Evangelical community. Perhaps you too have noticed that something is a bit off with younger Evangelicals’ stance on same-sex marriage, religious liberty, big government, and even the sanctity of life.

Something has gone wrong. It is hard to admit, but for too long many conservatives and Christians have been so focused on the decay of our government that we let our guard down at the doors of our sanctuaries. So the Left soundlessly crept into the Church.

Liberalism is alive and well within our Evangelical churches. Taking cues from the political Left, what’s called the “Christian Left” is teaching an entire Millennial generation to compromise traditional Biblical values for the sake of tolerance and political correctness. So when the Christian Left couches their liberal theology in buzzwords like “compassion,” “equality” and “co-exist,” young Evangelicals are afraid to oppose. Sound familiar?

The goal of the Christian Left is to undermine the authority of the Bible by painting inconsistencies in Scripture, which they hope will breed confusion and, at times, doubt. Once the lines of truth are blurred, young Evangelicals start to reconcile their faith with liberal political platforms like same-sex marriage, taxpayer funded abortions and contraception, feminism, pacifism, and big government.

The danger is this distorted, liberal theology breaks down the moral values outlined in Scripture. It also encourages young Evangelicals to deny the Judeo-Christian principles our Founding Fathers used to establish a just, prosperous nation.

Confession: I have first-hand experience with the Left’s targeting of young Evangelicals. While attending a popular campus ministry in college I dabbled in the so-called “progressive” Christian movement. Peek under the curtain, and this progressive movement is really a political initiative driven by Leftists (and at times funded by George Soros) in the name of Jesus Christ. For this reason, I started to declare myself a faithful feminist. And I’ll never forget arguing with my parents over the Church’s acceptance of same-sex marriage.

Thank God my parents did not declare defeat and give up on me. Motivated by love, my parents constantly affirmed God’s absolute truths with me. They pointed to social science that confirmed Biblical principles and the important role they play in our lives and government. Best of all they fervently prayed for me. My parents’ words and sound reasoning (along with the Holy Spirit) tugged on my heart, until one day, I put down my Rob Bell book and picked up my Bible.

Right now America’s youth—in and outside of the church—need leadership. Goodness knows they will not get healthy guidance from America’s pop culture. It’s up to you. Once again, concerned citizens must take a passionate stand for the cultural wars, but this time in the churches.

To confront the Left in your church, you must be equipped with social science, an understanding of public policy as well as Scripture. Sadly, it isn’t enough to say “because the Bible says so.” This doesn’t mean that you pack up and move to D.C. to become a public policy expert. You can make a huge impact on the Millennials in your community. For example, start teaching Sunday school or leading youth group at your church. Then don’t be afraid to talk about what the Bible actually says about homosexuality and abortion. Don’t be afraid to tell the young Christians you know that just as Christ was deemed offensive for standing for truth, so too will his followers.

You must also learn how to identify the Christian Left. As I wrote in my book Distortion: How the Christian Left is Twisting the Gospel & Damaging the Faith, there are numerous books, bloggers, and Christian college and conference speakers who reflect liberal theology and are influencing a generation. Learn their names and their social and political stances.

Finally, you must share this message. Tell your friends, neighbors, and family that we must stand guard at the doors of our sanctuaries and take back America’s Christian culture.

This is no small matter. If the brakes aren’t applied immediately to the Christian Left, then the next generation will is on track to abandon the moral foundations and ethical principles that have made America great.

I want you to know that on September 2nd, I launch my new book Distortion: How the Christian Left is Twisting the Gospel and Damaging the Faith, in which I expose how the Evangelical Left is deceiving Millennials and must be uncovered and rejected by faithful Christians. It could not be more timely. I’d love for you to read it. If you donate $50 or more to IRD’s ministry, IRD will gladly send you a signed copy of Distortion You can easily donate online here. (Link is to IRD.)

It is worth the battle. America needs you, but so does the Church.

 I highly recommend Ms. Chelsen's book.  Gary Butner, Th.D.