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Response to an email requesting information

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I'm a lay person preparing some information related to the dates when OT and NT books were written for a Bible Study group. 
Your website seems to provide really good information.
I'm curious to know, though, how you came by the information from each of the sources you used to come up with the "best guess".
I like the process you used. I like the fact that you have information from so many sources. But just how did you get this information? Was this solicited from them or was it available from other websites...?
I'm a little skeptical about the reliability of the data but would welcome your response in hopes that you can relieve my skepticism.

Bob Michaud

Re: About The Chronological Listings - OT and NT 
Dear Mr. Michaud, 
Approximately 35 years ago, to satisfy my own curiosity, I started collecting the dates for when various scholars thought each book of the Bible was written. I was also motivated to answer critics who claimed the New Testament books were written in the Second and Third Centuries, which allowed time for a Christ Myth to develop. Obviously, the data provided by the scholars would preclude a Christ Myth, as there simply wasn't time for one to develop. Additionally, many who had seen the risen Christ were still alive, when the Gospel accounts were completed.
I have A very large Logos Bible Software library of 7,400+ books, and it includes on the average 50 to 100 commentaries for each book of the Bible. The library also includes Bible dictionary's and study Bibles with the information. I also have approximately 1,500 hard copy books.
I published the listing of dates on ESRI several years ago. Later, a friend took the time to list the data in an Excel spreadsheet. I ran the idea by Dr. Norman Geisler, and he endorsed the concept, and we implemented it.
Grace and peace,
Gary Butner, Th.D.