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How Believers Can Distort the Word, by Chelsen Vicari

Whenever somebody mentions Leonardo da Vinci’s Mona Lisa, what do you imagine?  Likely, your thoughts drift to the painting’s infamous stoic expression or its mysterious legacy.  What you probably don’t think about is the thick bulletproof glass that sits between the Mona Lisa and art gallery patrons.  Vandals have attempted to distort the portrait by throwing acid, rocks and red paint at the portrait for centuries.  So the world’s most famous work of art must be protected.
 Link - How Believers Can Distort the Word


Christian Baptism

by Greg Finch


Since the Protestant Reformation, the issue of baptism has been a source of much controversy. While arguments about doctrine have become less prevalent in recent years as such topics have become less in vogue, there continues to be disagreement over this subject – though it seems as though it ought to be a relatively straightforward and simple topic.

This piece is not a comprehensive study of all the various issues associated with baptism with a lengthy series of ‘proof texts’ – there are plenty of articles like that which have been written over the years. Instead, I am addressing this to an audience of believers who have heard confusingly competing teachings about this subject, and who may have ended up being not quite sure what to believe. Rather than seeking to present a series of logical, ‘air-tight arguments,’ I will simply present how I think about the issues associated with baptism, as well as address some of the most common questions.  Link - Christian Baptism


christian baptism